Looking for the L736 battery? The L736 battery can be very cheap to buy as long as you buy from the right retailer. The L736 battery is much cheaper to buy online than from local stores, even when shipping is factored in. That is because the batteries are very light weight and many sellers will offer free shipping. When you buy from a specialty battery store instead of a department store, the batteries at the battery specialty store don’t sit on the shelves as long so you get fresher batteries and the price is much cheaper.

L736 Batteries on Amazon
Before you buy, there are some details you should know.

  • L736, LR41, and AG3 are the same batteries. Which label depends on the manufacturer. These are alkaline batteries.
  • Energizer and Duracell call their batteries 392 batteries. These are silver oxide batteries.

Is it worth buying silver oxide?

I’m not sure why Energizer and Duracell don’t make alkaline L736 batteries, but I would assume it is because the prices for those batteries are so cheap that they wouldn’t be able to compete and make the profits they would like to.  In the store, you will find the silver oxide version of L736 selling for $3 to $5 a piece and most of the time they sell them in single packs.  Compare that with one L736 battery for 20 cents. Now, many small electronics use multiple batteries so you could end up paying a lot of money. The advantage of silver oxide is it has higher capacity and maintains a more stable voltage.  However, for small electronics, the big brand batteries are often not worth the price.

What is a good price?

A good deal on L736 batteries is about 20 cents each. Most battery stores charge shipping because they sell heavy batteries, but the good deal stores don’t. BatteryBlowout.com is one store that sells them at this price in a 10 pack with free shipping. The capacity among generic batteries are pretty much the same.

About the L736 Battery

L736 is short for LR736.  Most manufactures use L736 to save space on engraving the batteries.
L means the battery has an alkaline chemistry
R means round shape
7 means 7.9mm diameter
36 means 3.6mm height
Voltage: 1.5 V
Capacity: 25 – 32 mAh